Three Cozy Places You Can Create With Updated Lighting

Mar 12th 2021 Staff

Are you looking to create a new cozy space in your home? Been dreaming of a corner that is dedicated to your favorite hobby? Whether you have a large place with tons of room or a small, intimate apartment, these three cozy spaces can be designed in your home with a little bit of work and updated lighting.

Here at Butler Lighting, we are proud to provide stunning lighting options to Greensboro and surrounding locations. We invite you to visit our lighting showroom for a personal lighting consultation and to learn more about how you can use the right lights to make the most of your home’s space.

Check out these three cozy spaces you can create in your home and talk to us soon about building your own.

A Reading & Writing Nook

What better way to transport yourself via your imagination than a dedicated nook just for reading and writing. You can use this space to journal your thoughts or to journey with characters in your favorite novel. Whatever way you utilize the space, this nook should be comfy, cozy, and properly lit.

The best lighting for a reading and writing nook will be focused and soft. You want to have enough illumination that you can easily read words on a page, but not so much lighting that the ambiance is ruined. There are a few different ways you can go about creating a softly lit but fully illuminated reading space. One popular method is through the utilization of lamps. A tall floor lamp with an adjustable head will be perfect for pouring over a book. A small tableside lamp can work as well, but you will need to be considerate of how the shadows might fall.

Another great way to illuminate this cozy space is through pendant lighting. You can choose from a wide array of styles and implement these hanging lights right above the reading space. All you’ll need after you get the lighting set is a comfy chair, an end table, and a good book.

A Hidden Play Space

Give your kids a hidden place to escape by creating a small play area in an unused location. Whether you have a nook under a staircase or a small attic space that is unused, the right lights will turn this location into a great place for your children to tell secrets and play games.

Turning an unused location into a usable play area requires the right lighting. The best option is to pick out a lamp that will fit the area. Your concern won’t be strong lighting, as the space will be used for playtime. In fact, a softer lighting will create a cozier space, perfect for your child to feel like they have escaped away to a hidden cove. Look for a lamp to fit into the space or a small hanging fixture that will add just enough light to keep away the dark.

A Crafty Corner

Whether you enjoy creating decor for your home or you want to pick back up the paintbrush you set down after college, turn any corner of your home into a place for creation with the right lights. For a creative space, you will want bright lights with no danger of shadowing. Track lighting makes the perfect option for this space as it will allow for strong illumination.

Since you will be using this space for creating, once you have enough lighting to allow for the perfect illumination, think about adding some stylish touches. Layered hanging lights or a unique chandelier light can add extra flair to the space and provide inspiration as you sew, draw, paint, or craft away.

Visit Our Showroom For Lighting Inspiration

If you are hoping to turn a corner of your home into a new cozy space perfect for your favorite past-time, we are here to help. Whether you choose from the options above or you design your own hybrid space, our team is equipped with all the lighting fixtures you need to make your dream come to life.

We invite you to come visit our lighting showroom in Greensboro or a surrounding location to learn more about how we can help. Stop by soon for a lighting consultation and get busy designing your new cozy space.

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